Occupy Christchurch

Many of the Otautahi Solidarity Network have been sharing their energies, resources and skills with the Occupy Christchurch movement – In solidarity with this rapidly emerging phenomena we’re posting their latest press release to help spread the word that this Monday’s proposed event is going to make history!!!

See you all there.

For Immediate Release: Friday 21st October

On the 15th October people around the World responded to the international call to occupy their cities in support of the one month (and counting) occupation of Wall Street, New York. The message is simple, the people have had enough of the power of corporations on our government’s and day to day lives. Our public spaces have become dominated by private interest, so the public are beginning to take our communities back. The New York occupation now has over 20,000 protesters and to date over 1900 cities Worldwide have Occupation Sites.

The Christchurch Occupation is today, one week old. Since our 300 strong march along Riccarton Rd on Saturday we have experimented and refined our decision making processes and delegated out roles. We have kept busy talking to the friendly passers by and holding General Assemblies each day. All decisions are based on direct democratic principles, ensuring everyone has a say and  everyone is involved. The camp is immaculate, the atmosphere is a buzz with ideas and people are getting stuck in.

On Labour Day Occupy Christchurch has sent an open invite for all, to join us on a peaceful and respectful march around the CBD cordon. We wish to commemerate those that lost their lives, acknowledge those that continue to suffer both physically and emotionally in our city, and celebrate the day for workers. The march will begin at 11am, at Occupy Corner: South Hagley Park, near the bus exchange.

The issues closer to home are the issues that cities around the World also share. Our beaches are covered in oil, politicians are attacking workers rights while ignoring correct democratic processes. Twenty Nine miners remain in our soil, our public services are being stripped while early child care is being blamed for public debt. Here in Christchurch we have bared the brunt of a privatised rescue plan, where the biggest bidder gains the contracts, who in turn scrimp and save on the final product. The result, a community with no clearer idea for their future, CERA which has pushed aside our democratically elected body and private insurance companies that are bailed out in excess of a billion of our tax paid dollars. How much longer can we accept this attack on democracy and stand by while private pockets soak up the public wealth?

Occupy is not a formal group, most of us have met in recent days, our idea’s are as broad and diverse as our beautiful city, but we are united in our resolve to foster and create something new that is relevant to us all. While the top 1% of this country hold 16% of the countries wealth and one in five youth live in poverty, we will remain. We are the 99%. Join us.


Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=246765448689028
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/occupychristchurch

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