Minutes from Wednesday 26th Oct

A meeting took place at Occupy Corner at 4.30pm between 10 members of O.S.N here is a summary of what was discussed and actioned:

* Safe spaces policy – specific for kids

With many of the crew involved with Occupy Otautahi – Christchurch members are taking the initiative to endorse a safe spaces policy. A working group has been created which will report back to O.S.N and will eventually (if accepted) passed onto the General Assembly at Occupy for ratification.

* Clipboards and emails

Hope to collate all contact details and get a regular email sent to all interested parties.

* O.S.N banner and logo

Okayed by consensus of attendees. Further work along these lines to be encouraged by all.

* Sharing of contacts

Gmail group and Blog group – all to have access to this. Encourage write ups and discussions. Must be conducted for the interests of the group. All accountable.

* Build toward advertising and taking on small, winnable issues.

Meeting ends.


2 thoughts on “Minutes from Wednesday 26th Oct

  1. Al. says:

    I have a list of names from the first meeting and a list at riseup. The list was set up originally for D.A.N.O. I’m in the process of changing the name, adding all the names then someone can be given the password etc and take on moderation of this list at riseup, if you wish? Who can I send all this info to please?

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