The Otautahi Solidarity Network is a brand new organisation based in Canterbury. The group, born out of the attacks on the working class – with changes to the employment relations act, the holidays act and the recent 90day bill, the idea of a network was first discussed. As the union movement/CTU have failed to take up the fight either due to legal restrictions or through political posturing with the Labour Party, a fighting organisation using collective direct action was needed. Attacks on unemployed workers (beneficiaries, youth and those in the home) have also meant an organisation that acts as a vehicle for struggle had to be created. The Otautahi Solidarity Network aims to be that organisation. The ‘official response’ of the Canterbury earthquake’s has been the final catalyst, drawing our tradition of resistance and fraternity helping to create a space to discuss, plan and work toward taking back our communities.


Subscribe, post and get involved in the city’s most rapidly growing movement!

      “With no membership fee and with only the fire in our belly’s, we are the cities fastest growing movement.”

Our aim?

To support and empower those that are being bullied by bosses and landlords, to foster and encourage community projects and to help create a community strong enough to reclaim its homes, streets and workplaces.


…The Otautahi Solidarity Network has arrived!…get involved…


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