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The ANZCO unhappy meal – Support the CMP workers!

Since the 19th October 111 union members and their families have been without work and wages while their bosses have demanded they accept 20% pay cuts and changes in their hours –  the small community of Rangitikei (Near Palmerston North) are effectively being starved out.

As locked out worker Steve McGinity told the Manawatu Standard: “We’re not just doing this for our kids, we’re doing it for all meat workers and for all kiwis who are facing attacks on their work rights.”

Among numerous unsung hero’s, the unions, workers activist groups such as Beyond Resistance and Occupy’s (including our very own Occupy Otautahi) have supplied food, support at the picket line and donated much needed funds. See the article below for details on recent actions in our city.

Saturday 3rd December promises to be an important date for the locked out Canterbury Meat Packer workers. ANZCO, which owns and operates CMP, happens to supply it’s meat patties to a well known brand of fast food restaurants. McDonald’s NZ is CMP’s biggest contract and with CMP rejecting the workers latest offer of a 10% pay cut and petitions, lobbying and press releases getting us nowhere, it’s now time to take to the streets.

On Saturday pickets are taking place across the country, a call out by CTU coordinator Simon Oosterman has so far confirmed 16 stores nationwide – from Invercargill all the way to Whangarei – that will be hit from 11am onwards.

  Here in Christchurch, Riccarton McDonald’s will be our store of choice. Located on the corner of Riccarton Rd and Matipo, we’ll kick off from 11am. For those keen to join a march to the store meet at South Hagley Park, next to the hospital at 10.00am. The march will head up through Riccarton Rd where we hope to encourage passers by to join us and spread the word of the CMP lockout.

The aim of the picket is to raise awareness, ask people to choose somewhere else for their lunch, gather some much needed funds and get some media attention on this desperate story. You can help by sharing this post, telling your mates and getting yourself to this important day of action.

We’ll see you there!

CMP ANZCO Solidarity Picket – 11.00am, Saturday 3rd December,

Riccarton Rd Mcdonalds (corner of Matipo and Riccarton Rd),

Pre event march – 10.00am, Saturday 3rd Decmber,

South Hagley Park, Opposite Hospital – to – Riccarton Rd McDonald’s 

          If you’re based outside of Otautahi/Christchurch and want to find out where your local picket is simply click on this facebook event page. If your outside of Aotearoa, help by spreading this story as far and as wide as you can, the CMP crew need everything we can muster.

News of this event and the ongoing story will continue to flow from the O.S.N blog.

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Occupy Christchurch

Many of the Otautahi Solidarity Network have been sharing their energies, resources and skills with the Occupy Christchurch movement – In solidarity with this rapidly emerging phenomena we’re posting their latest press release to help spread the word that this Monday’s proposed event is going to make history!!!

See you all there.

For Immediate Release: Friday 21st October

On the 15th October people around the World responded to the international call to occupy their cities in support of the one month (and counting) occupation of Wall Street, New York. The message is simple, the people have had enough of the power of corporations on our government’s and day to day lives. Our public spaces have become dominated by private interest, so the public are beginning to take our communities back. The New York occupation now has over 20,000 protesters and to date over 1900 cities Worldwide have Occupation Sites.

The Christchurch Occupation is today, one week old. Since our 300 strong march along Riccarton Rd on Saturday we have experimented and refined our decision making processes and delegated out roles. We have kept busy talking to the friendly passers by and holding General Assemblies each day. All decisions are based on direct democratic principles, ensuring everyone has a say and  everyone is involved. The camp is immaculate, the atmosphere is a buzz with ideas and people are getting stuck in.

On Labour Day Occupy Christchurch has sent an open invite for all, to join us on a peaceful and respectful march around the CBD cordon. We wish to commemerate those that lost their lives, acknowledge those that continue to suffer both physically and emotionally in our city, and celebrate the day for workers. The march will begin at 11am, at Occupy Corner: South Hagley Park, near the bus exchange.

The issues closer to home are the issues that cities around the World also share. Our beaches are covered in oil, politicians are attacking workers rights while ignoring correct democratic processes. Twenty Nine miners remain in our soil, our public services are being stripped while early child care is being blamed for public debt. Here in Christchurch we have bared the brunt of a privatised rescue plan, where the biggest bidder gains the contracts, who in turn scrimp and save on the final product. The result, a community with no clearer idea for their future, CERA which has pushed aside our democratically elected body and private insurance companies that are bailed out in excess of a billion of our tax paid dollars. How much longer can we accept this attack on democracy and stand by while private pockets soak up the public wealth?

Occupy is not a formal group, most of us have met in recent days, our idea’s are as broad and diverse as our beautiful city, but we are united in our resolve to foster and create something new that is relevant to us all. While the top 1% of this country hold 16% of the countries wealth and one in five youth live in poverty, we will remain. We are the 99%. Join us.


Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=246765448689028
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/occupychristchurch

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All stations go!

Standing with the people of Kaiapoi

Kia ora koutou!

It’s amazing what can happen in such a short space of time. You may notice some changes on the Otautahi Solidarity Network blog, links to our new facebook group, twitter and flickr accounts can be found below. With events, plans and actions coming through thick and fast we’re taking advantage of the various social media networks available to us. Keep your eyes peeled and pens and paper at the ready!

     Word of mouth will always be the greatest source of news and information, get used to talking to workmates, neighbours and family about the emerging movement that’s breaking surface in our city.

In recent days members of Beyond Resistance, Unite Union and Otautahi Solidarity Network attended a day of training, networking and planning with numerous unions and community organisations. Facilitation was provided by the wonderful people at Kotare Trust who gave the group’s the tools to find enough common ground to have strategy’s for the year ahead – bridges are being built, information spread and idea’s are becoming reality.

Some of the O.S.N team attended the Kaiapoi Residents Rally on Sunday 25th September to lend support to the community that have been left in the red zone and have suffered miserably since September 2010. Stories of insurance companies refusing to recognise the National Party zoning and information being with held or mysteriously disappearing from  government websites were raised – stories that have become all too familiar. You can find TV3 News coverage here.

Important dates for your diaries –

Stencil Making and Screen Printing Workshop:

Sunday, 2nd October between 1pm and 4pm @ Linwood Community Art Centre, 468 Worcester St

Meeting to discuss future of ChCh High School faculty, support staff and cleaners:

Thursday, Oct 6th 7pm Papanui High School.

Bexley Residents Rally:

Sunday 9th Oct from 2pm – 3pm. In the area? Lend your support

United for Global Change:

Saturday 15th October – global day of action

Taken from the 15th October website –

On October 15th people from all over the world will take to the streets and squares. From America to Asia, from Africa to Europe, people are rising up to claim their rights and demand a true democracy. Now it is time for all of us to join in a global non-violent protest.
The ruling powers work for the benefit of just a few, ignoring the will of the vast majority and the human and environmental price we all have to pay. This intolerable situation must end.
United in one voice, we will let politicians, and the financial elites they serve, know it is up to us the people to decide our future. We are not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers who do not represent us.
On October 15th, we will meet on the streets to initiate the global change we want. We will peacefully demonstrate, talk and organize until we make it happen.
It’s time for us to unite. It’s time for them to listen.
People of the world, rise up on October 15th!

Plans are currently being hatched, idea’ such as a march through the streets of Riccarton followed with a picnic in Hyde Park with music, food, families and space to meet and discuss for the future. Other’s have suggested a rally in New Brighton – have your say by emailing this blog or following on our social media sites!

You may have heard about what’s happening in Wall Street, New York? If not, it’s not surprising, the media blackout has been incredible. Here’s a really nice movie to sum up the recent events and give some context to the significance of the October 15th day of action. Link here

Unions and Community Organisations are rapidly putting their voices to the growing international movement – From Egypt to Greece, Syria to Washington, the South Pacific is one of the few remaining area’s yet to feel the tide of change – is Otautahi going to be the first city to rise up!?!

We’ll see you all in a street near you soon!

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Otautahi’s newest emerging group has arrived!

100 gathered to discuss issues and plan for the winter

April Rally 2011 - one of numerous smaller circle discussions

Welcome all,

The first post of the Otautahi Solidarity Network blog aims to look at the past 12 months, comment on where we are at and look to the summer months ahead. We are an evolving group that encapsulates our rich and diverse community, we have an open outlook that encourages debate, planning and action. Our strength rests firmly with people getting involved; we ask that you subscribe, participate, post and share this blog with friends, family and colleagues. For those out of town, we welcome support and discussion, Solidarity Networks are springing up throughout Aotearoa, we will help to put you in touch with your local groups and be there if you want our assistance to set up your own.

In recent days a meeting took place under the banner of the Otautahi Solidarity Network. It was here that people shared idea’s and hopes, where the name for the group was agreed and where a dramatic shift in momentum was felt. The Network aims are still yet to be defined, however we can tell you that talk of community work shops, time banks, protest, gardening, free markets, concerts, street theatre among many, many idea’s have been discussed.

      With the summer months just around the corner things are heating up in the city

On August 20th residents of Avonhead and Ilam took to the streets to protest against yet another liquor outlet to be granted a licence in their community;

There is already a wide liquor ban in force just a block away from the proposed site and there are 10 other alcohol outlets in the area.

Like previous protests held in South Auckland in July last year, the Christchurch residents claim more outlets can only lead to more alcohol-related problems.
Full story and news video can be found here – link
Monday 5th September saw a rowdy crowd welcome the National Cabinet who came to Otautahi to take full media advantage of the one year anniversary of the 7.1 quake. It was here that the desire for a tangible, coherent network of individuals and groups was made loud and clear.
A colourful write up of the event can be found here – link
An excellent short documentary can be watched here – link
and a Metro News video can be seen here – link
A few days later Avondale yet again saw a mass protest. Frustrations with Insurance Companies, inconsistent messages received by the Government and an overall lack of information from CERA saw over 200 people gather to vent their growing anger.

People waved signs, and slammed CERA and the government’s red zone offers.

Riverside residents have been joined by red zone residents from around the city, stating they will not accept the offer until a number of issues are addressed. (Full article here – link)

The media seem to be surprised at the level of protest that is beginning to show itself

When they stop to ask what the reason’s are they look puzzled at people’s emotional outbursts. We’ve been told time and time again how resilient we are and we have been bombarded by images of the CBD, the vague smiles of Parker and given little relevant information. As a direct result TV3’s Campbell Live has become the default voice of the voiceless… however beneath the radar people have been busting a gut in preparation for the outrage that is only beginning to stir.

Local groups such as Beyond Resistance, Unite Christchurch and Action for Christchurch East, have been pooling their resources and skills, resulting in numerous rallies, public assemblies and sources of inspiration and aid for the forgotten throughout the year.

Beyond Resistance is a national Anarchist Collective working to support workers rights, beneficiaries and the unemployed. The group has been in existence in Otautahi for two years. It runs a monthly discussion night, an informal beer and book evening and has been heavily involved in getting aid to those in need.

Unite Christchurch represents workers in the service industry. The union membership has been hit hard by the recent events, losing all of its hotels, language schools and many fast food outlets. It has fought hard to ensure those effected have been treated well and looked after by their employers.

Action for Christchurch East first formed weeks after the 7.1 quake. It became a hub for people to share idea’s and create actions. From a facebook group and network on the streets the collective began writing articles and posting events on the Action for Christchurch East blog – this can be found here – link

We are now witnessing the city shake off the official image presented on our t.v screens.  People are taking back their pride, their communities and their own destiny’s.

Kaiapoi residents are planning a massive rally this weekend:

Sunday, September 25th from 2:00pm – 3:00pm, Band Rotunda on Charles Street, Kaiapoi.

There are also rumours of a mass demonstration/march/protest in the next few weeks. Watch this space for announcements.
A brand new internet group has also emerged. Christchurch Gets Ready have sprung up as a direct result of in-action from the powers that be. After 1000’s of aftershock’s there is still no emergency broadcast system, no information regarding what resources we have and what people can offer. The people at Christchurch Gets Ready have captured the thoughts and imagination of many; a one-stop-shop where people can list their needs, skills and resources. With a simple glimpse we can now see what our neighbours and communities have to respond to whatever mother nature has to throw at us.
    Take the time to check the site out here – link
Information is power and so far that information has been a closely guarded secret between the Government and Insurance Companies with Parker and the media working overtime to ensure we don’t start asking questions loud enough for people to take note.
     The Otautahi Solidarity Network blog will become a source of information, we will help to point you to relevant news, groups of interest, work shops and meetings. At the end of the day blogs, face book groups and twitter’s let you know what’s happening but it’s what you choose to do with that information that makes the difference.
    Subscribe, make notes in your diaries, invite friends and get yourselves amongst the Otautahi Solidarity Network!
   We look forward to getting to know you and seeing where this takes us
kia kaha Otautahi!
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